Best Cheap Ribbon Mic in 2023

Are you looking for the best cheap ribbon mic? I’ve done all the research and found that, of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. There are many factors to consider when picking a ribbon microphone.  If you’re just starting out in this field, it’s important to get an inexpensive option so that if you decide this isn’t your thing, you haven’t wasted too much money.

On the other hand, if you know what kind of sound or tone you want to achieve with your music or production skillset, then it may be worth investing more upfront in order to get exactly what will work best for your needs. With these things in mind, I have put together a list of my favorite cheap ribbon mics.

Best Ribbon Mic for Vocals

Do you enjoy a warm and inviting sound that’s equally clear and punchy? You’re in luck. Introducing the Golden Age Project R1 active Mk3 Ribbon Mic, compatible with virtually any vocal preamp that supports 48V phantom power.

The included all-metal construction means it can be protected from even the harshest of elements while delivering pristine vocals across formats making every performance shine!

 Available at an affordable price point, this beauty will please any budget-conscious buyer out there looking for professional-grade equipment. The best cheap ribbon mic for vocals!

Best for: Vocals

Brings out a lovely glow on both male & female voices.

golden age project r1 ribbon mic

Are Ribbon Mics best for vocals?

Ribbon microphones are often considered well-suited for recording vocals because they provide a natural, warm, and smooth sound. They can also handle high sound pressure levels (SPLs) well, which is helpful in capturing louder performances without distortion. However, it’s not the only option for vocals, many other types of microphones like condenser and dynamic can also be used for vocals and might be more versatile. It ultimately comes down to the specific characteristics and preferences of the microphone and the recording environment.

Best Ribbon Mic for Acoustic Guitar

You can finally live out all your ribbon-shredding fantasies without any fear of repercussions thanks to this new passive ribbon microphone called the VR1 by sE Electronics. These babies will bring out some seriously gritty tones from your guitars’ cabs and amps, no matter what kind they are, and they’re designed specifically to deliver pristine audio without any tuning process on the user’s end, making it the perfect cheap ribbon mic solution for guitarists.

Best for Guitars

Works well unplugged but really shines with a big sound on amps.

se electronics vood vr1

What are Ribbon Mics good at?

Ribbon microphones are known for their ability to capture a natural, warm, and smooth sound. They are often considered to be well-suited for a variety of recording applications, such as:

  • Vocals: Ribbon mics can provide a smooth and natural sound for vocals, which can be especially useful for capturing a more intimate or emotive performance.
  • Instrument amplifiers: Ribbon mics can provide a natural and authentic sound for recording guitar and bass amplifiers, as well as horns and other wind instruments.
  • Strings and orchestras: Ribbon mics can provide a rich and detailed sound for recording stringed instruments and orchestral ensembles.
  • Ambient and Room recording: Ribbon mics can provide a smooth and natural sound for recording ambient sounds and the natural reverberation of a room.
  • Podcasts and Voice-overs: Ribbon mics can provide a smooth and natural sound for podcasting, voice-over work, and other spoken-word applications.

Beyerdynamic M160

The M160 by Beyerdynamic is an all-time, award-winning ribbon microphone that has everything you could hope for: a warm midrange, silky highs, and fantastic bass response. Whatever your sound of choice may be, the M160 faithfully captures it with its perfect vintage sound mixed in just the right amount. Whether you’re looking for some warm tones or more on-the-edge tones like distortion on a guitar amplifier (which can make any track come to life!), or even drums, the M160 will provide that soundscape for you!

Best for Amps

Raw sound that's great for distorted Amps, but also works great for some heavy drumming.

Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon Mic

Royer Labs R-121

When Royer Labs took the world’s first radically reengineered, and best-selling ribbon microphone and gave it to an army of engineers in order to design the R-121 ribbon mic—they had something special. The Royer R-121 revitalizes ribbons for a new era with an unprecedented level of consistency not found in any other ribbon before it. It gives you that genuine, all-natural analog recording feel you know you love. We’ll just ask you to keep in mind the relative nature of the word “cheap” in “cheap ribbon mic”.

Best for Everything

Perfectly handles guitar recordings, wind or string instruments, and even drum overheads.

royer labs r-121

Are Ribbon Mics Worth it?

Ribbon microphones can provide a unique and natural sound quality that is well-suited for certain types of recording applications, such as recording vocals, guitar amplifiers, and orchestral instruments. They are typically more delicate than other types of microphones and require more care in handling and setup. They are also generally more expensive than other types of microphones. So naturally, it’s going to depend on your specific needs and preferences but Ribbon Mics can be worth it for certain recording situations.

Do Ribbon Mics break easily?

Ribbon microphones can be more delicate than other types of microphones, so they do require more care in handling and setup. Because ribbon microphones use a thin ribbon element that is suspended between magnets, they can be sensitive to wind, handling noise, and other physical stress. It’s important to handle ribbon mics gently and avoid dropping or hitting them, as this can cause the ribbon element to become damaged or bent.

Also, it’s useful to use the right type of shock mount when using a ribbon mic, this will help to isolate the mic from vibrations and handling noise during recording. Additionally, it’s important to be careful when setting up the microphone and to avoid placing it too close to speakers or other sources of strong magnetic fields, as this can also cause interference or damage to the ribbon element.

That being said, if proper care is taken, most modern ribbon mics are designed to be relatively durable and long-lasting. With proper care, they can last for many long years.

Best Cheap Ribbon Mic

If you’re looking for a high-quality, but cheap ribbon mic to use in your home studio or on the go when recording vocals and instruments, there are plenty of options out there. My favorite is the Golden Age Project R1 because, despite its affordable price tag, it’s still one of the most versatile mics available – great at capturing vocals but also able to capture acoustic guitar and drums with ease. For an even higher quality sound that comes at a price point more fitting for professional studios, I recommend checking out Royerlabs R-121. Honorable mention for the Beyerdynamic M160s for providing really good accuracy without too much coloration.

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