Audio Technica AT2020 Review - Irresistible Deal!

Audio Technica is a brand that has been around for decades and they are known for making quality products at affordable prices. The Audio Technica AT2020 is the perfect example of this. It’s one of their most popular microphones, it’s extremely affordable, and it sounds great! 

This microphone connects via an XLR cable which means you can plug it straight into your mixer or audio interface without any extra equipment needed. Although they also have a USB variant which you can plug directly into a computer. You will need to purchase either a pop filter or shock mount separately though as these do not come included with the Audio Technica AT2020. This makes this mic extremely versatile because you can use it in both home studios and professional ones too! 

audio technica at2020 review

AT2020 XLR Review

When you’re ready to take your home studio to the next level, the AT2020 is just what you need to get your sound on-point. With these studio-quality condenser microphones, crystal clear vocals get an upgrade with a flawless pickup every time. Whether singing or podcasting, this mic’s perfect cardioid pickup characteristic will ensure that NO reverberations of instruments or noise ever go past it again in your recordings!

The AT2020, from Audio-Technica, is a breath of fresh air when it comes to studio microphones. Known for their robust build and excellent sound quality, you’ll be able to get the tone in your head with this mic.

Technical Specifications

Better Quality

at2020 XLR review

Best Audio Interface for AT2020

From the iconic red detailing to its versatility, there’s a ton of reasons why Scarlett Solo is next-level. Featuring switchable air mode, you can now give your recordings brighter and more open sound- never before have recordings sounded better coming straight outta this guy. Just plug in your AT2020 into the input for a clean audio recording that will make even your 12 year old self jealous.

Technical Specifications
focusrite solo audio interface

AT2020 USB Review

The Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Microphone is an excellent choice for those who want to record or stream their voice without an audio interface. You can go from room to room and connect the mic just via a USB cable, then use the mic as needed. The adjustable angle with the pivoting stand cradle makes it perfect to have on your desk for quick vocal takes, long podcasts, or streaming sessions.

Technical Specifications

More Flexible

at2020 usb review

Audio Technica AT2020 XLR vs USB

The Audio Technica AT2020 XLR variant can have high-quality sound if it is connected through a mixer or an audio interface, which makes the entire setup a little difficult to take places with you. Whereas the Audio Technica AT2020 USB version connects directly to your computer so it is more flexible and easier to take on the go.

Is the AT2020 good?

For the price, yes!

Is the AT2020 USB?

The AT2020 comes in two versions, XLR and USB.

Is the AT2020 dynamic?

No, the AT2020 is a condenser microphone.

Is the AT2020 good for streaming?

Absolutely, go for it!

Can you use the AT2020 without Phantom Power?

If you buy the USB version, yes. If you buy the XLR version, then you’ll need an audio interface or a mixer that supports Phantom Power.

When did the AT2020 come out?

The AT2020 was released in April, 2014

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