Best Studio Headphones for Gaming 2023

So you’re a gamer but you see through the marketing fluff on “gaming” branded everything, and you’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade to some real studio headphones. Or you’re into music and want to game on the side and are trying to hit two birds with one stone. Either way, it can be hard to know which are the best studio headphones for gaming. As a musician myself who likes to game and stream on the side, I have fallen into the rabbit hole and used dozens of headphones over the years. As such, I am putting together a list of studio-quality headphones that will keep you immersed in both worlds!

best studio headphones for gaming

Sennheiser HD 600

The Sennheiser HD 600 has been engineered for recording engineers, musicians, and people who are looking for the perfect sound, in this case for gaming.

This headphone is used by professionals to listen to music or even games because it provides great clarity in sound. If by any chance you’re a PC gamer who follows Linus Tech Tips, you’ve probably seen Linus use them in the WAN show. Which, mind you, unlike most other video is where he’s likely not being paid to use them.

The HD 600 was created over 20 years ago and still holds its value as a high-quality product today. That is why it gets my recommendation as the best studio headphones for gaming.

Editor's Pick

sennheiser hd 600

Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro

These popular headphones by Beyerdynamic are the closed-back variant of Beyerdynamic’s popular DT-770 model. That means these cans will restrict a lot of external noise from getting in or the internal sound from escaping the earcups, which I’m sure your roommates will appreciate as well.

Whether you’re trying to get the perfect mix in your studio or listening for the footsteps of a player who might be sneaking up on you, these cans will get the job done!

Best Closed-Back

beyerdynamic dt 770 studio headphones

Sennheiser HD 599 SE

The Sennheiser HD 599 is the new and improved model from the HD 598 which I started using years ago. It is by far one of my favorite headphones I’ve ever used, especially considering I was able to snatch it for just under 200$ at the time.

Another benefit of the 599 is that they are open-back, meaning the overall quality is better, especially with directionality which can be quite useful in some gaming settings.

I have used it both for gaming and music production and I’ve been a very happy consumer in both of those regards.

Best Open-Back


Sennheiser HD 800 S

If you care as much about sound as I do, then the HD 800s won’t just be your next pair of high-quality headphones – they’ll revolutionize the way you live with music and games.

Sennheiser’s heritage of uncompromised engineering and innovation with a sensibility for cutting-edge design advancements in acoustic technology that refuses to compromise quality or precision, fit and feel. Explore the sonic world of your games and music from within because now it’s not about what you bring into it but how much you can take out without losing yourself along the way. 

From the gentle background guitar to the boom of your enemies’ grenades, you’ll notice more of those stunning subtleties from your favorite music & games. Delve deep into the layers as they unfurl for a more realistic listening experience. Experience an even more immersive soundstage with superior clarity and detail, all without any added edge or harshness that many headphones produce at higher volumes.

These are truly a life-improving headphones that will simply blow you away, every time.

Best Premium

sennheiser hd 800 headphones

Your Personal Best Studio Headphones for Gaming

If you’re looking for the best studio headphones for gaming that will specifically help you get the most out of your gaming experience, then open-back vs closed-back may be an important consideration.

The HD 600 from Sennheiser is an excellent option if you want some over-ear headphones with a dynamic soundstage and plenty of detail in both highs and lows. Alternatively, try the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro if you’re looking for something with more isolation at a slightly lower price point while still providing a similar level of comfort as well as durability. Finally, if cost is no object for you, and you just want the best of the best studio headphones for gaming, then go with the HD 800s.

Most importantly, any of the headphones I listed should give gamers everything they need to take their gameplay to the next level!

me with my yamaha hs5 and hd 598s
Me with my Sennheiser HD598s

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