Best Headphones for Producing Hip Hop 2023

The best headphones for producing hip hop are the ones that allow you to mix your beats with precision. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite headphones below that I think would work great in the hip hop genre.

I have chosen to go with open-back designs for all my recommendations as I’m making the assumption that they will be used in a home studio setting. Open-back headphones have a superior sound quality that comes at the cost of sound isolation. But considering we’re discussing the best headphones for producing hip hop, I believe we need to prioritize sound quality for this use case! If, on the other hand, you are planning to take your hip hop production on the go, I would recommend looking at the closed-back designs instead.

best headphones for producing hip hop

Beyerdynamic DT 1990

Are you looking to take your hip hop game to the next level? Get yourself a pair of DT 1990 PROs and start owning the mix like no one else can.

Listen to your beats loud, or just barely above a whisper. The DT 1990 PRO gives you the power of understanding every nuance of the basslines, handclaps, and snares with an amazingly wide soundstage. You can also focus entirely on key parts without worrying about any other little thing distracting you. Stay true to your art because these headphones are tuned for exactly what musicians need. That’s why they win my pick for the best headphones for producing hip hop.

Of course, I can’t mention these headphones without bringing up how comfortable those velour pads are so your ears don’t get tired from those long sessions in the studio.

Editor's Pick

beyerdynamic dt 1990 pro studio headphones

Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro

The DT 990 PRO is designed by experts for experts. You’ve been working on your beats so long now, you deserve some high-end headphones to go with them, and better yet, it comes at the best price point on this list. Bass and highs are both clear as day with a studio spacious sound guaranteed to make all your beats come together like never before.

The transparent sound it delivers renders crisp highs while maintaining rich lows. Unleash your creativity with these sweet pair of headphones without spending too much!

Best Budget

best reference headphones for mixing

Sennheiser HD 820

The HD 820 makes sure you hear every single nuance going on in your favorite tracks. Assuming you’re willing to spend over a grand, it’s a headphone that pays you back with a sound that puts the beats right inside your head, plus an incredible comfort that lasts long into the night.

The metal frame and sturdy headband have a resilient quality that you’ll appreciate. Outstanding engineering makes these headphones a professional choice for testing making new beats.

Do you want natural acoustic fidelity? The HD 820 S has your eardrums covered with pure honey.

Best Premium

sennheiser hd 820

What Makes the Best Headphones for Producing Hip Hop?

If you’re a hip hop producer and looking for the best headphones for producing hip hop, with a loud and clear sound characteristic, I recommend opting for headphones with an open-back design, assuming you are doing most of your producing in a quiet studio environment.

The Beyerdynamic DT-1990 is my top pick with its excellent fidelity that can handle all types of hip hop production work. They come at a hefty price, but I believe they’re worth it. For those on a budget or who are just starting out in this field, the DT 990 PRO offers better quality than other similar-priced headphones. And finally, if cost is no object for you then just go for the HD820s and get ready to be blown away!

On a final note, headphones are great, but if you’re going to be doing mixing and mastering, I recommend checking out some studio monitors for hip hop as well.

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