Best Left-Handed Electric Guitars 2023

So, you’re a lefty and looking for the best left-handed electric guitar. You’ve come to the right place! I’m also a lefty myself – so this is as personal as it gets. When starting out as a young musician, I was faced with many challenges.

Finding guitars that were affordable and suited my needs was tough; there were few options available in stores and most online retailers didn’t cater to lefties at all, so I had to learn a regular guitar instead. Luckily for you, nowadays there are more companies producing great guitars for lefties than ever before! So whether your budget is high or low, I have compiled a list of some solid choices for anyone who’s looking for an electric guitar!

best left handed electric guitar

Ibanez GRX 6

There is one guitar that has stood above all others during this time of hard rock, metal, and punk. I’ve seen countless musicians come and go but the Ibanez RG series guitars have always remained relevant. Slip on your new Ibanez today GRX 6 because you’re in for a long run with this handy seventies-inspired electric guitar!

The legendary Japanese guitars that started it all are back with fresh new designs just in time to rock out at school or yesterday’s house party. The very bold look will get you some attention so be prepared to stand out, all without sacrificing comfort. Whip up some thick fuzzy riffs with ease thanks to the sleek neck while enjoying easy tuning mechanics for tuning stability.

Editor's Pick

ibanez grx 6 left handed electric guitar

LyxPro Electric Guitar Start Kit

The LyxPro Electric Guitar Start Kit is perfect for beginners who are just starting out. With everything they need to start playing straight out of the box, it makes it easy to just start learning out of the box! They even come with an amp and cable, a tuner and a couple of picks, and a soft case. Basically, all the accessories you’ll probably need if you’re new.

That’s why the LyxPro kit is the best left-handed electric guitar for beginners. It’s also available in 9 color options, so you can pick whichever one works with your new rock persona!

Best for Beginners


Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar

Kurt wanted to be different, and he was! He often (but not always) played left-handed! The Kurt Cobain Jaguar isn’t an ordinary electric guitar. The sound has a noticeable depth to it, especially when it’s plugged into an amplifier. The guitar has the option for two pickups, one of them for super distortion. And oh boy, if you want some good looks with this, you won’t be disappointed!

Nothing beats getting close to an artist during their most colorful years, and this Fender Guitar is perfect for anyone who wants to make their own musical statement like the legend himself.

Best Premium

fender kurt cobain jaguar left handed electric guitar

Is there such a thing as a left-handed electric guitar?

Yes, there is such a thing as a left-handed electric guitar. Left-handed electric guitars are designed for people who prefer to play with their left hand. They have the strings reversed and sometimes the body shape and controls as well.

Some famous left-handed guitarists include Tony Iommi, Kurt Cobain, and Omar Rodríguez-López. And below I’m listing some popular left-handed guitar models.

Is it better to buy a left-handed guitar?

It depends on your personal preference and comfort. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of playing left-handed guitar

Ultimately, you should choose what feels most natural and enjoyable for you. There is no right or wrong way to play guitar.

Best Left-Handed Electric Guitar for You!

The Ibanez GRX 6 is the best left-handed electric guitar for most people. If you’re looking to get started with a smaller budget, I recommend LyxPro’s electric guitar start kit, as it will get you playing quickly without breaking the bank and all the extra stuff. And for those of you who want the absolute best and don’t mind spending some extra cash, the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar will satisfy all your needs!

Finally, if you’re looking to start recording your electric guitar, you’ll probably need an audio interface. I recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for that, which should be enough for most home studios.

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