Best Electric Guitars for Beginners 2023

I know it can be hard to find the best electric guitars for beginners. When it comes to buying an electric guitar for the first time, there are a few things that you should know. For instance, you want to look at how much your budget is and what type of music you want to play. You want an instrument that is easy to handle, but good enough quality so you don’t have to upgrade right away. And you probably aren’t looking forward to spending a lot of money on something you may outgrow in a year or two. If this sounds familiar, then I’ve got just what you need.

best electric guitar for beginners

Ibanez GRX 6

The GRX is a great guitar for musicians of any skill level. This model has all the quality and style you want in your new beginner guitar, with the stability and playability to take on whatever’s next. The GRX has a five-piece maple and walnut neck that offers increased stability and durability.

This guitar is equipped with Ibanez Caparison pickups which provide dynamic tone for lead work as well as controlled overdriven rhythm tones. It also features diecast tuners which make tuning fast, accurate, and easy; an ultraslim round 10-42 gauge string set ensures we’re meeting players’ range requirements while still providing excellent resonance; rocking 24 XJ frets

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ibanez grx 6 electric guitar for beginners

LyxPro Electric Guitar Start Kit

The LyxPro Electric Guitar Start Kit is perfect for beginners who are just starting out. With everything they need to start playing straight out of the box, it makes it easy to just start learning out of the box! They even come with an amp and cable, a tuner and a couple of picks, and a soft case. Basically, all the accessories you’ll probably need if you’re new.

That’s why the LyxPro kit deserves a place on my best electric guitars for beginners list. It’s also available in 9 color options, so you can pick whichever one works with your new rock persona!

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electric guitar bundle for beginners

Fender Squier

With the Squier series by Fender, you’ll find solid entry-level guitars that are designed with the most important features for learning. They have the perfect guitar to help aid your musical journey, whether it’s mastering scales or just having fun. The high-quality electric sound is on point, versatile, and always ready to give your fingers a break from tapping on this ol’ guitar. With the Squier around, you are never stuck at the kiddie table!

Jokes aside, the Squier is an excellent beginner guitar for someone who wants to learn how to play. The price tag is very friendly and the perfect guitar if you are only looking for a few months of playing time or less before deciding that this isn’t your calling.

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fender squier electric guitar beginners

Which are the best Electric Guitars for Beginners

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, the Ibanez is one of the best electric guitars for beginners, in my opinion. With its sleek design and great sound, it’s an excellent option for anyone starting out in the world of guitars. If you’re looking to get started with a starter kit that includes everything you need, then Lyxpro have your back with their electric guitar package. It comes complete with an amp and all the accessories you’ll need to start jamming right away! Fender Squier also makes some high-quality beginner models like the one I linked above which is worth checking out if they happen to strike your fancy!

With these 3 options in mind, there’s no doubt that your new hobby will be off to a good start.

Is electric guitar OK for beginners?

Yes, electric guitar is OK for beginners. In fact, many guitar experts recommend electric guitar as a good choice for beginners because it has lighter strings, lower action and easier playability than acoustic guitar. Electric guitar also offers a wide range of sounds and styles to suit your musical preferences.

What should a beginner electric guitarist learn first?

A beginner electric guitarist should learn some basic skills and knowledge first, such as:

  • How to hold the guitar and the pick
  • How to tune the guitar
  • How to fret notes and chords
  • How to strum and pick strings
  • How to read guitar tabs and chord diagrams
  • How to play some simple songs and riffs

How much should a beginner electric guitar cost?

The cost of a beginner electric guitar depends on various factors, such as the brand, model, quality, features and accessories of the guitar. Beginner guitars typically cost between $100-$400. However, you can find some cheaper or more expensive options depending on your budget and preferences.

You should also consider the cost of other items that you may need along with your electric guitar, such as an amp, a cable, a tuner, a strap, a case, a stand and some picks. These items can add up to another $100-$300 depending on what you choose.

Can you play an electric guitar without an amp?

Yes, you can play an electric guitar without an amp. However, you will not be able to hear the full volume or tone of your guitar unless you use some device that can amplify or process your guitar signal.

Can I learn electric guitar in 1 year?

Yes, you can learn electric guitar in 1 year. However, how much you can learn depends on various factors, such as:

  • How often and how long you practice
  • What kind of resources and guidance you use
  • What kind of goals and expectations you have
  • What kind of music and style you want to play
  • How motivated and disciplined you are
Learning electric guitar is a lifelong journey that requires constant practice and improvement. There is always something new to learn or something old to refine. Learning electric guitar is not a linear process that has a fixed endpoint. It is a dynamic process that has different challenges and rewards along the way.
Therefore, if you want to learn electric guitar in 1 year, you should have realistic expectations and enjoy the process rather than focus on the outcome. You should also find a good method of learning that suits your needs and preferences. The most important thing is to practice regularly and have fun with your instrument!

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