Best Acoustic Guitar under 500$ - Fender Squier SA-150

A  good friend asked me for some tips in picking out the best acoustic guitar under 500$ for a beginner. After comparing several acoustic guitars, we landed on the Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar. Being a guitar-oriented musician myself, I believe guitars should be tried out before purchasing, to make sure they feel comfortable in their hands, much like shoes.

To be fair, Fender is one of the most dependable names among guitar manufacturers and the price on this is very attractive. Furthermore, the bundle offered by Amazon includes a strap, a tuner, a bag, strings, and some picks. In other words, lots of useful extra items that a beginner probably doesn’t already own.

Many players have reportedly noticed a much more pleasant sound after changing the included strings for something a little nicer. Although as a beginner I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing that right away, as your primary focus should be learning some chords while wearing down your first set of strings!

Technical Specifications

fender squier best acoustic guitar for beginners
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Is the Fender Squier good for kids?

The short answer is it’s probably fine for teenagers 12+ years of age, depending on the size of the future musician! While the Fender Squier SA-150 is a great acoustic guitar for beginners, it is also a full-sized guitar. Furtheremore, being a Dreadnought also means it’s on the larger side of guitars in general. If you think your young one might be too small, you can go for small-sized guitars that are better suited for toddlers.  Roughly speaking, 3/4 size guitar for 8 to 11-year-olds or half-size for younger.

Learn to Play Bundle Accessories

Another advantage of this package, besides the obvious being the best acoustic guitar under 500$, is all the accessories included in the Learn To Play Bundle. I remember having to buy all of these items individually weeks or months after my first guitar. A gig bag is a must for safe transport, especially if you live in a certain type of climate. I find using a dedicated tuner to be much more convenient than a phone app. A guitar strap is also included so you can play standing up. 3 guitar picks for some loud chord strumming and naturally including some guitar strings means not having to worry about them for a while.

The only accessory that is missing in there is a capo, so I’d recommend getting one once you have learned a few basic chords. Having a capo allows you to transpose the notes up. It might not sound like much, but it unlocks a lot of songs to play and sing for a beginner who knows only a handful of simple chords.

Just by placing the capo on the right fret, your favorite song is now playable by the few basic chords you know. Which, in my experience, is a huge motivation for a beginner. When playing your favorite tunes feels like a distant dream, being able to strum its chords for the first time and recognize the melody in your head can be a powerful motivator.

Recording the Fender Squier SA-150

The Fender Squier SA-150 does not come with an internal pickup microphone. So if you ever decide to record some music, you’ll have to use an external microphone to record your guitar and most probably an audio interface to plug it into. Once you get to that stage, be sure to check out our homepage for audio gear recommendations based on your budget.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500$ - Final Thoughts

The Fender Squier Learn to Play Bundle is an excellent starter pack that has all the essential items you need to pick up a guitar and start learning. It’s affordable but can punch well above its weight. Overall a great guitar in a very useful pack that leaves little to be desired. Ideal for beginners or even guitarists who want an extra guitar for outdoor use. That is why, it is my choice as the best acoustic guitar under 500$. Enjoy learning this iconic instrument and rock on!

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