Best Recording Music Studio Rugs 2023

Music studio rugs are essential. Not just for style, but for the effect they have on your room acoustics, which helps you get a better sound quality from your recordings. You might think that the sound you’re recording is only affected by how good your equipment is, but if you want to capture great audio, it’s important to pay attention to such details as room acoustics.

Acoustic treatment such as foam or fabric panels on walls and ceilings, or microphone shields can absorb sound waves from outside sources or reverberations bouncing off hard surfaces inside the room. But their effect can be minuscule compared to a good music studio rug covering most or all of the studio floor, especially if your room has hard tiles, which are terrible for acoustics. If you’ve ever wondered why musicians and singers are always standing on carpets, that’s why!

recording music studio rug

Another thing you need to consider when it comes to creating an optimal recording and production environment in your studio is how comfortable you are going to be working there for hours on end. You got to do everything to make sure you’re feeling relaxed!

Actcut Area Rugs

The Actcut rugs are pretty thick which is perfect because it quiets sound reflections so you can concentrate on what’s important – whether that be recording your guitar or singing your heart out. It also feels great underfoot while providing unsurpassed durability to warm up that cold studio floor.

What makes this option a great music studio rug is how versatile the options are. It comes in a large selection of colors and sizes, so you’ll probably find one that perfectly suits your music studio tastes.

actcut recording studio rug

Aternoon Area Rug

I’m a fan of the minimalist look in my studio and besides a clean look, this rug is thick enough to help bring room acoustics back in balance by absorbing some of the reflected noise.

The Aternoon Area Rug’s velvet surface is also comfortable under your toes, you’ll never want to put shoes on again. And it can keep your feet warm too!  And if you ever decide to, it makes the perfect place for a party where everyone can stay at floor level.

Modern Abstract Circles Rug

If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary then check these out! The soft and plush pile makes your feet happy as you walk across their surface while appreciating the sound-proofing qualities it offers for better room acoustics. Available in a large selection of colors and sizes, so it’ll fit perfectly regardless of the dimensions of your room or the color scheme you’re going for.

Soundproof Rug Pad

If you’ve already got a rug, but you’re still not happy with your studio acoustics and believe the culprit could be floor reflections. Easy to solve! Throw this rug pad under your music studio rug and you’ll drastically reduce all that noise pollution. And it’ll feel nicely softer under your feet, too!

Comes in a pack of twelve so you should be able to tile them next to each other to fit under a rug of any size. You can use these in tandem with any of the rugs above, or any music studio rug you may already have.

Why Do You Need a Music Studio Rug?

A music studio rug is an important part of creating your perfect sound space because it can make your room less acoustically reflective, by absorbing sound waves and preventing echoes from bouncing off walls. These acoustic properties in each space and can make or break your recordings.

Music studio rugs can also improve comfort levels and keep your feet warm! Getting the right type of rug may be just what you need to set up the ideal environment for making great recordings!

And if you don’t have the budget for a rug, you can always get some cheap pads and stick it under any old rug you might already have lying around.

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